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Work injury
Weekend warrior injury
Sports injury
Whiplash injury
Old injury, new pain



Immediate relief
Increased range of motion
Increased muscle strength
Improved joint function
Improved immune function
Improved biomechanics

Health and Wellness Treatments


Chiropractic adjustment is a key treatment Dr. Seals uses to help patients get out of pain and improve their ability to perform their work or sports activities … more

Active Release Technique

ART®, ‘the gold standard in soft tissue treatment’, is integrated into Dr. Seals practice to quickly resolve many conditions caused by overuse of muscles and joints … more

Other Chiro Stop Services

Employer and Commercial Driver Services:

DOT Physical

Driver friendly DOT physical exam. Get your CDL medical card in 30 minutes, in 3 easy steps … more

Drug Alcohol Testing

Convenient, walk-in drug alcohol testing – pre employment, random, post accident, reasonable suspicion, return to duty, follow up … more

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